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VC Growth Partners

High Growth - Purpose Driven

VC Growth Partners (VCGP) is a private company that targets the consumer brands, technology and corporate services industries. Our mission is to work with good for you and good for society companies. The VCGP focus is spread across a portfolio of companies in healthy Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) snacks & beverages, retail & enterprise technologies, and B2B Corporate Service Providers. 

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Who We Are

VCGP works with sustainable businesses to help improve society

VC Growth Partners believes the online and offline worlds are merging together and we position ourselves at the intersection of digital and brick & mortar. Companies must do good for the world and we support consumer companies with a health & wellness focus and mission to uplift the lives of those less fortunate. 

We focus on social enterprises, purpose driven companies, and businesses with sustainable and inclusive corporate practices to generate impact.

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Our Focus Areas

Health & Wellness - FMCG - Social Mission - Technology - Services

VCGP works in the three main verticals of health & wellness consumer brands, technology, and corporate services. We focus on supporting high growth companies, distressed businesses, and hidden gems to grow internationally and generate substantial value. We have a selection of companies in FMCG, tech, and services that manufacture healthy food, provide consulting, HR, and enterprise services, and retail & FMCG technologies to use digital tools to generate high growth outcomes.

VCGP Consumer

We work with emerging health & wellness consumer brands, especially emerging beverage & snacking companies, to expand distribution, develop new products, improve supply chain, understand consumer insights, and enhance strategic marketing.


VCGP Technology

VCGP has a number of technology companies with a focus on retail & FMCG tech, consumer internet services, fintech, cloud, and enterprise platforms that range from early stage ventures to mature global tech companies both listed and private.

VCGP Services

VCGP works with selection of Consulting, Strategic Marketing, Consumer Market Research, HR Consulting, Recruitment, and Corporate Services companies that operate in the B2B Enterprise, Professional Services and Financial industries serving customers globally.

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VC Growth Partners Social Mission

VC Growth Partners' purpose is to work with companies that are improving the lives of those less fortunate and making society a better place. We believe in sustainable business models that generate profits to achieve both business success and the ability to deploy capital to improve the lives of people involved in the entire value chain of the business.

We are dedicated to supporting a farm to shelf mission to ensure the lives of those living in poverty are supported by our companies and earn meaningful incomes through fair trade practices at every step of the value chain from the ground to the end consumer. We deploy money from our balance sheet to spend for better facilities and working conditions for those supplying our business.

An example is our work to support the GK Enchanted Farm, part of the NGO Gawad Kalinga, which is the largest poverty alleviation organization in The Philippines. Another example is our work with Bayani Brew, a Social Enterprise supporting many subsistence farmer families. 

GK Enchanted Farm

Part of of the NGO Gawad Kalinga

Our productive farm lots today, are family farm models that nurture relationships and harvest hope. As a platform, we also exist to support farmers in the countryside.

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Bayani Brew

A Filipino Social Enterprise

A healthy food & beverage FMCG company supporting local farming communities, promoting farmland development, and helping Filipino farmers thrive.

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Images of Our Impact

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Contact Us

68 Circular Road #02-01, Singapore 049422

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